One viewpoint on how technology is affecting the legal profession.


BRIAN WICK | JUL 25, 2016
There has been a lot of buzz in the legal profession about the impact of technology, in particular machine learning and artificial intelligence on the future of legal. Especially what it might mean for jobs and functions in that profession going forward.
You may recall our Above the Law interview with Zach Abramowitz called “Do Robots Make Better Lawyers.” In this online conversation, Zach, with Laurie Brasner, our Sr Director of Legal Services, and Scott Trainor, DocuSign’s Deputy General Counsel explored this concept and provided some clarity on the types of Legal functions that can absolutely benefit from automation. That conversation is here, and according to Zach, it was one of the most viewed conversations for that publication.
Another interesting article has been recently published on the website Futurism, which is far more specific. It refers to a new analysis from Deloitte Insight that states within the next two decades, an estimated 114,000 jobs in the legal sector will have a high chance of having been replaced with automated machines and algorithms. According to the article, those 114,000 jobs represent 39% of all jobs in legal. Wow, what a statement!