7 Surprising Innovations For The Future Of Computing


side_a_image_15_cropped-square-3Here are a few of the emerging technologies that promise to keep computing performance rocketing ahead:

  • In-memory computing. Throughout computing history, the slowest part of processing has been getting the data from the hard disks where it’s stored to random access memory (RAM), where it can be used. A lot of processor power is wasted simply waiting for data to arrive. By contrast, in-memory computing puts massive amounts of data into RAM where it can be processed immediately. Combined with new database, analytics, and systems designs, it can dramatically improve both performance and overall costs.
  • Graphene-based microchips. Graphene — one molecule thick and more conductive than any other known material (see The Super Materials Revolution) — can be rolled up into tiny tubes or combined with other materials to move electrons faster, in less space, than even the smallest silicon transistor. This will extend Moore’s Law for microprocessors a few years longer.

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